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Mental  Matters  Clinical  Services

Every Step of the Way

Receive professional guidance and sage advice as we coach or train you. We’re all for helping you cope and recover.

Seek Professional Help

Meet the Team

You’re always in good company at Mental Matters Clinical Services. Whether you wish to receive counseling or undergo training, you’ll find the guidance and professional help you seek. Contact us in Lanham, Maryland to set up an appointment with our therapists and life coaches.

Tracey Pauls, MA, LCPC


Tracey is a licensed clinical professional counselor who also has a background in elementary education. Her experience includes working as an educator, clinical intake coordinator in the Baltimore City Jail, and providing psychotherapy to individuals with chronic and persistent mental illness (bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression). Tracey also provides Christian counseling and is a graduate of Liberty University.

Breena Lewis, BS, CTACC

Certified Life-Coach | Treatment Coordinator​

Breena Lewis is a certified life coach for Mental Matters Clinical Services. Offering a wealth of knowledge in training and life coaching, she provides a more wrap-around treatment modality.

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